Duvel Master ClassSummer 2016

Full report

Duvel Moortgat was looking for a way to promote its premium product Duvel to different audiences, in a way that emphasizes the quality of the product. Kabuki Events created a concept of the container, took care of the entire production process and is in charge of planning and placement at different events in Belgium.

Transforming a standard 6m long container into a qualitative representation of the brand “Duvel” in a short time frame, was challenging but the more satisfying once the result was finished. We constructed a a walk-in fridge and mad walls with concrete look, wooden tablets and a parquet floor. Using a green key and the newest video technology, all guests were filmed while performing their “Perfect Serve” of their Duvel after they got a short briefing about how to pour a Duvel according the best practices of the trade. Every guests receives a copy of the film by e-mail so they can share their “Duvel Master Class” experience afterwards.